It’s Okay To Give Up On Your Dreams

Are Your Dreams Your Real
Purpose In Life?

Take a chance on yourself. Have courage to try new things and left your dreams for a while. 

If you’re feeling stuck right now when it comes to your dreams, most of us will dive into sadness and depression. After all, it is your dream, your passion, it used to fuel your heart with so much fire, but now you’re lost. Suddenly, that fire disappeared, probably due to circumstances that we have no control over or otherwise. What do we do now?

It’s time to have courage, step aside your dreams, and try something new. 

This is probably one of the scariest decision you’ll ever make in your entire life because it isn’t easy to be the person who does things differently. It is not easy peeling away from the crowd. But, if you want to truly succeed in life, you have to give yourself a permission to do things differently. You have to take chance on yourself and see the life outside your dreams. If you feel discomfort and you know that way because you aren’t being honest with yourself, then you have to stand up for your future self, and take the leap of faith, even when it is scary. 

Look closely into your heart, know who you are, take notes of the things you truly want to do in life, without the pressure and judgement of other people and your past self. 

Answer these questions: 

  • What are the things the ignite you in life?
  • What are the things you wake up just wanting to fulfill?
  • What are the things that you cannot live without?
  • Can you find these things to that dream you pursued? Or can it be on something else?

Your answers might not be your career options, but this is where you can find your true happiness. Your true sense of achievement. Some people forget that the most important thing about pursuing something is bringing yourself back home, to fill your life with that kind of action, because you will discover what is really important to you, and with that, you will find clarity and assurance in what you want to fill your life with. 

That will be your stepping stone, your foundation. Once you truly know yourself outside of what is expected from you by the outside world, you can now start figuring out how to show up in life. That will be your beginning. 

Always remember that you have your own journey, your own story to tell.

It is impossible to not compare yourself from others time to time. After all, it is human nature. But, as much as possible, do not compare yourself to anyone who came before you. Do not doubt yourself because others did. Do not tell yourself you are a failure because you haven’t achieved yet what your peers and idols have already achieved. None of that matters, because you have your own clock. You are writing your own life, your own path. You are working towards a life that will make you happy on your own terms. 

It is absolutely okay to take your own time. 

We’re living in a generation that romanticizes hustle and moving forward as quickly as possible and that’s not just possible to everyone. There’s no point of rushing towards something that will not inspire or fulfill you. Slowing down will help you a lot more in figuring out your goals and yourself than running towards anything and everything. Life is a marathon, not a sprint. It’s never too late to start over, it’s never too late to give up on your dreams and pursue another that actually gives you more meaning, that genuinely excites and challenge you. It will be never too late. 

When doubts are filling you in, remember those people who find success later in their life. The most popular ones are Oprah and Col. Harland Sanders (KFC), Vera Wang, these people found success on the later days of their lives. All of the great people we adore and want to emulate, they all approached their journeys from their own, unique, timeline. 

The moment you truly found what ignites you, I hope you don’t take no for an answer. 

This is when you should never give up. When you found that thing that fuels your soul and gives meaning to your life, keep going, keep pursuing, keep learning about yourself and the projects that inspires you. Don’t waste your time to anyone who doesn’t want to give your ideas a chance. You can always find that right person who will listen to you, have the same mindset as you, and will support your ideas. If you can’t find that person, you can always open your own doors. Believe that your goals or dreams are achievable because through the journey of life, you will receive a lot of NO’s and failures, but within those failures and rejections, you will find the strength and know what is really worth fighting for. 

Keep fighting for your dreams, even if it means changing them. 

The world needs your uniqueness. It needs your talent, your story, your mind. The world needs to hear your song, so you can change it with the vision that you already have. You are very much capable of doing something beautiful during your time here. Don’t let anything stop you from spreading you wings, so the world can finally see your own beauty. 

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