What is Life Coaching?

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Are you ready to finally move on and unlock the best version of yourself? Do you feel like even though you give your best, life still struck you down? Or are you unsure of the next step towards reaching your dreams? A certified Life Coach can help you address the areas in your life that are not working, to better define your goals, accomplish the things you never thought possible and change your life for the better.

Different types of individuals are seeking certified life coaches to provide them guidance and support they need to move forward, eliminate the toxins and finally changing their life for the better. Life coaches can help in multiple areas of your life whether it is about renewing success in your business, changing career paths, finding your life’s purpose or simply removing that “something” which keeps you from moving forward, one-on-one coaching from a certified coach will assist you in working through it.

How can I help you?

When you decide to hire one of the best life coaches in Los Angeles, you’ll work together to achieve these goals:

  • Acknowledge the source of your stress, problems, and anxiety
  • Use the stress management technique to improve peace of mind
  • Improve your self-esteem and self-love
  • Refocus your energy and re-establish your self
  • Achieve your personal goal as this programme starts
  • Discover a greater level of yourself and unlock it

Carmen McKenzie, RN. The Pivotal Life Coach

As a certified life coach and a regular person, I understand every challenges life has been throwing at you. I’ve personally dealt with many of the same feelings of anxiety, burnout, being overwhelm and stuck– and these feelings can keep you from feeling fulfilled and purposeful in your career and daily life.

The moment that I was enlightened and free from all those things that blocks myself in unlocking my best self, I decided to help other people that are currently experiencing what I had experienced. I want you to give yourself a chance to see you as more than what you are now.

It is important to find the best life coach for you, the one you’ll have a connection with and meet your specific needs. That’s why in this programme, I would like to begin with a no-obligation discovery session with you, to talk about your goals and see if we’re a good fit for each other.

If you are ready to know more about this program or you think this program is the best for you, then fill this up to book your first free session.

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