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Does My Story Sounds Like Yours?

Through the years of my life, I have experienced and endured so many events and challenges that made me who I am today. I once was a girl who just moved through motions, attending parties, hanging onto toxic relationships, working on a soulless job, totally drowning myself with tasks just to spend my time and earn some cash. I was an ambitious and adventurous woman with a life everyone sees as “perfect”. 

But deep down I wasn’t happy.
And I couldn’t work out why. 

On paper, my life looked great. I had a great job as a registered nurse. Professional recognition and a busy social life. A family that has always been supporting me. Everyone says, I had it all. But deep inside, I know there’s always a piece of me that says “this is not the life I want for myself”. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family more than anything in this world but my life seems empty and senseless.

I want to find my purpose and to unlock my fullest potential. 

I’m Carmen, a registered nurse and a certified Life Coach, specializing in helping everyone to manage all negative source in their lives and transform them into a beautiful butterfly.

Practicing as a registered nurse in Los Angeles, California for 20+ years experience in nursing field and has devoted over a decade of her career to preventive lifestyle approaches to good health. I believe in wisdom of experience and the courage of living a values-based life. My roles in nursing have been multifaceted, diverse and dynamic. 

My intention is to share the knowledge and wisdom that I acquire through my journey to help you create the life you’ve always wanted for yourself and to finally unlock your fullest potential. I am a truth seeker, inspiration junkie, organic lifestyle lover who is living her dreams. Waking up each morning, I set my intentions to live from my heart and have to pinch myself because my reality was just a dream before. 

I believe we are here to live a full life and not just to play small or be chained to a job we despise. In this way, our light inspires others  to live higher, to dream bigger.

“I believe that we create our own universe moment by moment.”

In my past life, I wasn’t always this enthusiastic and has positive outlook in life. I was chained in a job that I thought I want, helping people as nurse. Running aways from myself at a million miles per hour by drowning myself through working way too much in order to ‘feel’ that I’ve achieved something, not loving myself at all, I was highly stressed and anxious, I was dealing with panic attacks and lived off champagne and wines. 

Living like this, I was always wearing a happy and joyful mask to hide all my problems from my patients. I had exhausted my body and my soul and eventually developed different physical issues that I cannot hide anymore. My body was screaming at me to STOP and it had had enough. My life was a mess and I looked like a mess. 

Looking back, it was such a pivotal moment for me as the one thing I needed in order to work was my body and that was no longer working. It’s like the Universe saying to me “you aren’t meant to be doing this anymore and the only way you will listen is if we make you stop”. The moment that I stopped and listen to my body, everything started to make sense. All those experiences, all those physical and mental breakdowns were all the signs to slow. 

It was my wake up call…

I realised I had to have courage and take back control of my health, my body and my life

After that painful but enlightening journey, I realized that I need to learn and apply self-love to my daily routines. I realized I had to start taking responsibility for my own health and happiness and I was the only person who could do that for myself. Also, I had to stop looking and comparing myself and my life to others to find happiness and start to reconnect with inner goddess, my truth and my soul. 

Throughout those years, I realized

How cruel I am to myself and my body that made my life out of balance in all areas because I was afraid to actually have a conversation with myself and how I was depending to others for my own happiness, acceptance and other instead of myself. 

It took me some time to eventually have a courage to climb out of the black hole that I made for myself and create a life that I actually wanted. It was one of the hardest part of my life and it wasn’t as fun as you thought it would be, but it is the journey that enlightened me. A journey I know many other people out there must be struggling with the same thing. And through that journey, I find my purpose. 

I Was Determined To Heal Myself And My Health And Life Sorted.

So I studied at National Society of Health Coaches to get my life coaching certification. Furthermore, I read every book I could get my hands on and attended every workshop and seminar I could to acquire as many knowledge as I can and use it in guiding and supporting people who went the same journey as I am. I could never have imagined what has unfolded for me since then, beyond my wildest dreams. 

My purpose is to empower every single one of you in all areas of your life, your health, wealth and love. To unlock your fullest potential and to release the Goddess within you. How we treat our bodies is a direct reflection of how we truly see ourselves. 

I’m working on myself, my body and my soul

I want you to know that you are always beautiful and enough.

It tool me a lot of years, courage and pain to make peace with my body and soul to prioritize my own wellness over others.

I had to learn that facing your fears and showing vulnerability, doesn’t mean you are weak but rather, a sign of strength.

I don’t want to take that long for you, you’ve experienced enough pain and time already. I want to pass the wisdom and courage that I acquire through my journey to you, so that you will eventually light your own torch and be the light for others.

You deserve to unlock your fullest potential and live an extraordinary life.

This journey is a rocky mountain, but I am here to guide you through the process of unlocking your full potential and using it to live a life you have always dreamed of. The Self Love Assessment will find you the best place to start.

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