Woman Empowerment Program

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A programme developed for every woman, to bring out their inner goddess and to become who they want to be with strength, courage and confidence without sacrificing who they really are.


Do you often feel insecure towards others? Were you a very hardworking women then suddenly all those fire were lost and now, you want to reclaim it but don’t know how and where? Do you currently feel unmotivated everyday and it is affecting your career and physical health? Are you ready to take over the world and your life but don’t know where to start?

If you answered, YES to any of those questions above, THIS PROGRAM IS FOR YOU!

Women Empowerment Program is a two-month Zoom long program (once a week) that will dive to your inner psyche and will aid you through the process of achieving your goals without sacrificing who you really are. This program was carefully designed and researched by Carmen McKenzie to fully achieve its goals and to effectively help our women to identify their full potential and use it in conquering life and achieving anything they set their minds into.

Grace Kelly, the former princess of Monaco, was the inspiration of the W.E. Programme. Like most of us, she was never understood and always belittled by those men in power. Once she became the princess of Monaco, she still hadn’t got the respect of the royal court nor the people of Monaco and they told her that “she can never be one of us and she will always be a Hollywood star”. But then, she said “Enough is enough” and finally dived into her inner psyche and used her strengths to gain more power and respect, and her weaknesses as her shield. She never abandoned who she really is and prevented a war using all of those superpowers that comes with being a woman.

We must find our inner Grace Kelly and channel that strength to achieve anything we put our mind into.

W.E. Programme consists of a FREE one month programme and a paid FULL VERSION (two months). Both programs will be conducted via ZOOM. You can choose any of the two programmes as it both consist the main topics but we recommend for you to take the FULL VERSION to experience the following perks that comes with it!

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