What is Self-Sabotage Coaching?

Are you getting
in the way of your
own success?

Ready to give yourself a chance
to be someone greater?
You are click the right programme.

Do you always put yourself down? Do you doubt yourself more often than giving it some love? Ourselves is our worst enemy, acting against our self- interest in both our personal and professional lives. Our inner voices can always be critical, telling us we can’t or shouldn’t do something. Why try if you won’t succeed anyways? Doubt has kill more dreams than fear and this way of thinking is highly destructive and prevent us from achieving our fullest potential.

Overcoming self-sabotage will probably the most challenging thing you will ever do, but with the assistance of a certified life coach, you can get the tools, strategies and all the help you need to break this habit. After this programme, you will find yourself more prepared to take action in your career, relationships and well-being, finding renewed confidence and belief in your own abilities.

If you are ready to defeat your self-sabotaging habit and change the way you perceive yourself, I am here to help with a personalized support and mentorship. This programme aims to help you emerge from your old ways of negative thinking and ready to take on new challenges and step outside of your comfort zone.

Carmen McKenzie, RN. A Self-Sabotage Coach

I am Carmen McKenzie, a certified life coach and a registered nurse, and I believe that with this programme, you will be able to begin to recognize and prevent your self-sabotaging behavior in order to achieve success in every aspect of your life and to finally unlock your fullest potential. I have worked with many people in different aspects of life, some of them are just simple people living a simple life and some are also highly-motivated and successful leaders, and transformed their thinking through powerful life coaching techniques, challenging those negative thoughts and turning them into strengths and motivation.

In this program, we’ll tackle your self sabotaging habits and start with an individualized assessment of your self-sabotage behaviors and figure out your future dreams and goals. Together, we will create a plan that will allow you to overcome the negative thinking and re-establish your self-esteem and self-love. Every step of this programme, I will be there with you, supporting and guiding you through the more positive and fulfilling way of life. .

After completing this programme with me, your self- sabotage coach, you will acquire tools and techniques that you need to tackle feelings of anxiety, fear, frustration and procrastination on your own. You will be able to fulfill your dreams with strong will and confidence and you will be able to unlock your fullest potential

For more information about how this programme will help you overcome self- sabotaging behavior, or you think this programme is for YOU, then fill this up to book your first session TODAY.

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