Your Life: Unfinished Business

A book for everyone who wants to unleash their full potential and finally live their lives to the fullest. Your Life: Unfinished Business is the first book of Carmen McKenzie.

What would you give to be happier? Have you loved and listened to your mind, body and soul recently? How do you perceive life? 

At some point of our lives, we wished we were happier, free-spirited and perceive life in a positive light but, usually life comes in our way and eats away everything we worked hard for. Doubts, fears and comfort are one of the greatest antagonists that prevents us from making our dreams a reality. Your Life: Unfinished Business was written during one of the darkest years of our lives and the author aims this book to be your guide through the ever-changing dark tunnel and allows you to overcome all the things that prevent you from living your life to the fullest! It includes various activities, tips and tricks, yoga exercises and wisdom gained from half-a-century experiences. Your Life: Unfinished Business allows you to not only transform your life for the better but also the lives of others.

When the whole world came into a pause due to an invisible virus that infected millions of people in just the first three months of 2020, I got scared and was forced to face the things I’ve been running from. A month passed, and I realized that the year was going worse than everyone thought. Everything’s closed. You cannot go out in the middle of the night to get McDonald’s nor hang out with your friends because the enemy is untraceable and haunts anytime. It is scary.

But with all of those free-time, I had the opportunity to use my specialty and skills to help someone who’s having a difficulty facing the reality of 2020. Having a heart for writing, I’ve always wanted to produce a book that would emulate the lessons I have learned throughout the years of being a registered nurse. And one day, I just did it.

I went in front of my computer and wrote everything I knew about health and life. It wasn’t an easy process, especially when you’re a beginner but I started to join author groups, and forums to successfully write my first book and publish it.

Your Life: Unfinished Business explains five major topics that we all face in our lives and no matter who we are, or where we came from, we constantly stumbles on these five topics. Within these topics are activities and questions you will help you figure out more about yourself.

  • Self- Love
  • Relationships
  • Success
  • Health
  • Meditation

I, personally struggled with achieving those struggles too. Life and I were never easy on myself for many many years, until I basically said to myself that I am tired of Life just dragging me wherever it wants me to go, I want to lead my life, I want to be its pilot.

Imagine life as a huge airplane with thousands of passengers and you’e the pilot. Big responsibility, right? That is life and the passengers, well they are the people you will meet along the process of finding yourself and achieving your goals. Some of them will just stay for a while or will stay with you on the long-ride. These people are the most important assets of your life because as you influence them with your thoughts and decisions, they will also guarantee your success or failure.

One of my favorite pages/part of the book is this one

Because it will literally make your dreams come true. If you’re aware of manifesting or Law of Attraction, one of most powerful tool you’ll ever need to make your dreams a reality is a vision board and this was also explained in Psychology. More frequent you see your goals and feel that it is yours, it is more likely that you will them. Thus, if you decorate this page with your goals and dreams, and you believed that it is yours, then through hardwork, it will be yours.

You got to believe its yours!

Your Life: Unfinished Business is a colorful board book , perfect for young adults and teens who wants some guidance about about the difficulties of life, finding a better and effective way of confronting their inner demons and finally, releasing themselves from the dark place they’ve always known and becoming a beautiful masterpiece they have always been.

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Your Life: Unfinished Business (EBOOK)

A perfect gift this Christmas and for someone who is determined to finally live their lives the fullest, know who they truly are and embrace their beautiful and unique soul. Enjoy this bright and colorful book through your iPads, laptops, or phones! No need to worry about the size of the book or if it will fit on your bag! (within 24 hours)


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