What is Health & Wellness to you?

Health & Wellness is more than Yoga and Meditation.

It is more than making smoothies and health juices, hours spent to exercise and other external successes. Health & Wellness is so much more than what the media portrays.

In this generation, it is important to us our physical and mental health to be able to attract things we’ve always wanted. But, health and wellness can be empty without self-love and self-care. We tend to forget to express our love for ourselves because we are so caught up with work, friends, family and other people. We put ourselves on the bottom of our priorities which would eventually affect our lives and our relationships to our self and to others.

There’s so much content in the media now that encourages you to be on a certain number to be accepted by the society, to be seen as BEAUTIFUL and SUCCESSFUL. You’ll ever be enough to them, if you wear a certain style, if you got the certain size and a lifestyle that most of them enjoy living.

But, they don’t really know what those words truly means.

Beauty & Success starts with YOU

Magazines, Instagram, Models, and many health and wellness professionals — sell diet capsules and plans that “guarantees” you it is where the wellness and happiness can be find. It is not.

Those advertisements wants you to feel embarrassed, guilty, and disgusted by yourself that eventually, they will exhaust you to change. But, that didn’t worked before and it will never be.

You don’t need fixing like a broken glass. You just need some help to truly appreciate your own beauty and to unlock your full potential.

If the meaning of your good day is the size of your dress, the number on your scale, the hours you spent on work or the calories you take…

If you’re fully consumed by your worst alter-ego and it is fueled by the toxins of the modern world which brings out your worst self…

If you feel like you are doing your best with your life but you still feel unhappy and stuck…

These Programmes Are For YOU.

Life Coaching

Are you ready to change your life? This programme is formed to manage your stress, improve your confidence and self-esteem, and for you to focus on unlocking your fullest potential and to achieve your dreams and goals. Life Coaching is a programme I poured all my years of study, personal experience and expertise into one place Come and join us into learning my step-by-step system and free you from your inner demons that hinders you to be your BEST SELF.

Stress Management

Stress can be found anywhere. In the streets, work, social media, your friends and family, even in your own home. It can affect us in many ways, emotionally, physically and mentally. Stress management coaching will help you identify and address the sources of stress in your personal and professional life. Through this powerful programme we’ll work together with the right system, support and accountability to transform your life. Come and join us.

Self-Sabotage Coaching

Are you hindering your own success? Our inner voices can be highly critical, often telling us we can’t and shouldn’t do something. Why try if you won’t be successful anyway? Overcoming self-sabotage can be challenging, but with the assistance of a certified life coach, you can get the tools and strategies you need to break this toxic habit.

Transformational Coaching

At some point in our lives, many of us find ourselves where we aren’t quite where we expected to be. You might feel “stuck”, not knowing how to move forward and achieve the things you’ve always dreamed of. Transformational coaching programme focuses on changing your perception of yourself to alter your self-image which limits your own potential. Come and join me to discover your limitless potential. 

Personal Coaching

Do you want to learn more about yourself and find success professionally and personally? Personal coaching will help you explore your emotions, behaviours more and to identify what’s been holding you back. Whether that be a new path, a new behavior or a new self. This program will help you find clarity, your purpose and guide you through the right path. Come and join me in this programme and come out as the BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF.

Women Empowerment Program

In this modern world with all the advancements we made, one thing hasn’t change, the respect between the men and women. For hundreds of years, women’s voice are suppressed but not this century. We are making a change, we will be finding our own voice, our own strength and fight for our own rights and as equals of men. Woman empowerment program is a program where I put my whole heart and soul because I believe that every good things starts with a strong woman. Come and join me to unleash your inner Wonder Woman.

Together, we can decide which option is best for YOU.

All of my coaching packages are personally made for you and your individual needs. You will determine the pace and where you’re at will determine the details of what we’ll cover. Everyone’s needs are different but all healing needs elements of the same. All coaching is held over Skype, Phone calls, and In-Person (only available in Los Angeles, California), from the comfort of your home.



For anyone who wants to reconnect and re-establish their foundations and stand on solid ground.

3 + 1 sessions

60 minutes each

6 weeks

Learn the tools & techniques to rescue yourself





For anyone who wants to finally let go of the past and ready to unlock their best self.

6 + 1 sessions

60 minutes each

3 months

Support in-between sessions through emails and phone calls





The most popular programme plus an additional support and guidance to embed learning into your life.

9 + 1 sessions

60 minutes each

6 months

Support in-between sessions through emails and phone calls.


What People Say

Maintaining anonymity is very important to most of my clients. The names written here have only been attributed with explicit content.

“I had been working with Carmen for some time now. At first, I wasn’t that willing to seek help and to face my issues but as life goes on, it became more and more difficult for me to carry on. I had been stuck with my life since the abuse 5 years ago. Within those times, I had struggled with anxiety and panic attacks, I went through numerous therapies and fortunately, learned how to manage those anxiety and panic attacks but I know that there is still missing through my journey of recovery. I learned that I never fully dealt what happened to me, I just run and push myself to forget about it but it was always there, lurking inside of me.

It took all of my strength and courage to be able to admit to myself that I need guidance and to deal what I had experienced. At the first day of my session with Carmen, she puts me immediately at ease. She has an amazing way of reassuring me that she is always with me and will guide me to the process of real healing. She also has the best way of being present and listener. The most refreshing thing is not how my anxiety and panic attacks can be manage but putting my life into a view that I had never seen before. I can’t begin to describe how she made me the way I am today, the way I am now dealing with all of my emotions as if they were my friends and not something to runaway from and unlocking the strengths that I always had.”


Before Carmen came into my life, I always had a very low self-esteem to the point of isolating myself from everybody else. I hated my body, my face, even how my voice sounds. I felt shame, guilt and depression most of my life but now. But now, I have appreciated my whole body, I’ve been enjoying going out with my friends and feel so positive about my life and my relationships.

My people who knew me my whole life are now amazed by how much I changed. I laugh more, joke more, and like I got a boost for my self-esteem. Carmen gave me a chance to unlock the best version of myself and lock away the version that took away all the happiness in my life. Through her amazing programmes and helpful strategies and coaching and challenging me i a caring way.

For anyone reading this, you deserve this programme, you deserve a new life that brings out your true beauty so find a way to get on it! You won’t regret it. Regret is another thing you’ll get rid off after her programmes.


“As a man in this society, most of us tend not to seek help but rather keep our problems to ourselves because it is not manly. When my problems became too much for me to handle, I contacted Carmen through online. However, I had no idea how coaching works or what her programmes are. She puts me at ease and explained to me thoroughly what her programmes are and what programmes she thinks are best for me. Entering one of her programmes, I never thought that it would be transformational. The first session was the hardest but the most memorable to date. I finally stripped off my armor and shield and express all of my worries and issues to her. After that session, I felt a huge change on myself and my outlook on life.

With her support, I found out, for the first time in my life who I really am. I know how to put boundaries in place so I don’t feel that I’m giving myself away. I’ve learnt skills and strategies to prevent myself from being overwhelmed and I am far, far happier person. She taught me to love and accept who truly I am, and that’s the most life-changing event of my life.

I can’t thank her enough for what she did for me. I am now ready to show the world who I truly am. Carmen, thank you. ”


“Carmen’s programmes are absolutely brilliant and LIFE CHANGING ❤️ I am so glad to find her and pursue her coaching programmes. Genuinely life changing and memorable.”


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