Your Self-Exploration Journey

Getting To Know Thyself

How To Start Your Self-Exploration and Self-Love Journey?

All of us will someday go through self-exploration to really know what we truly are and what we truly want out of life. But most of us, go through life skimming the surface of our identities, not truly digging deeply into our thoughts, feelings, desires and dreams. Part of the problem is that our generation is romanticizing hustle and early success that most of us feel this heavy burden of success and we should be always on the go. When we barely find time for ourselves, our to-do lists take the spotlight and self- exploratory and preservation are being set aside. 

Self-exploration involves giving time to focus on your on thoughts, feelings, behaviors and motivations. It’s a process of looking for the roots of who we are and answers to all the questions we have about ourselves. Self-exploration gives you a better understanding of yourself and it helps you to accept who you are and why you do what you do. This improves your self-esteem, communication and relationships towards yourself and to others.

What you can do to enhance your self-exploration journey?

This journey will be difficult if you won’t set a time for yourself. A good way to start is to ask yourself “What did you notice about yourself this week?” This inquiry provides you an incredible amount of information about yourself that’s just waiting to be explored.

You should also take time to focus closely on your emotions because they are the most immediate and primal expression of yourself. Take some time off to absorb and analyze what you feel, how it physically, mentally and emotionally affect you, why you felt that emotion and have you dealt with the same emotion in the past. 

Self exploration might be difficult for you to perform right away due to reasons I’ve mentioned above. When our external environment becomes so busy and full of stimulation, it is a real challenge to pry ourselves away long enough to take a good look inside. But, if you unplug, stop and just be, you are now ready to take the first steps of self-exploration. 

I can’t promise you that this journey will be easy. Looking back and recalling painful memories, confronting the realities of our limitations and regretful moments that we always have will be the most difficult part of this journey. However, if you consider self-exploration as a work out, it will get easier when you’re consistent. One of the best tricks to make this journey a lot easier is to check in with yourself every day. It will help you normalize your self-exploration and self-love journey and become a part of your life. 

Another way to normalize and ease your self- exploration journey is to document your thoughts and your experiences every day through a journal. It will enhance your decision-making skills and your communication with yourself. I have made an ebook journal called “How To Be You” made specifically for self-exploration and self-love journey. If you want to have a free copy of the ebook, fill up the details below. 

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