The Secret Of Motivation

Motivation Has A Secret…

A Stay-At-Home Life Hack

As all of you may know, we’re currently facing one of the most challenging crisis of our lives. Some of us are looking for motivation to finally, do that thing we always want to do. But, most of us are struggling to find that courage or simply, we’re waiting for that feeling of “I’m ready” or motivated. Well, motivation has a secret…

Motivation is critical to effective management and pursuit. Organizational productivity drops when we are not motivated to fulfill our objectives for ourselves. Lack of motivation is a result of some mental health issues, and without our knowing, its destroying our lives.

Movement is central to motivation. Whether we are leaving our bed to do simple tasks in the morning or finally making a major change (like starting a new exercise and diet plan), we make these movements for a reason. These movements allow us to fulfill something valuable to us.

Motivation is all about taking action.

It is our internal desire to accomplish something that is important to us. This desire (motivation) makes us take action. Motivation is an unmet need that we’re longing to satisfy, a goal we want to fulfill.

What’s the secret of motivation?

If someone wants us to be motivated and to take action, the most that they can do is influence us. But it is still up to you, whether or not you’re going to do it. They cannot tell you what your needs are nor they insist the things they value as your own. No one can force you to do anything except for yourselves.

And for that matter, you don’t have to wait for motivation to finally kicks you in face. No. You kick motivation in the face, and just do it.

Just do it.

Doing it will finally motivate you to aim for something you’ve always been planning to do. Planning won’t take you far enough to succeed, actions will. And, the more you act, the faster you get to the end goal.

No matter, how many failures you face in life, how many sadness and uncertainty you experience, doubts from people you don’t know and people you trust, if you just get up and do few things at a time, you will succeed. Life is not just about its sweetness, it is also about its bitterness that makes life so beautiful.

This type of mentality, will let you succeed in life.

Let me know your thoughts and experiences about life in the comments.

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