Anxiety due to COVID19?

Need Help With Your Anxiety?

But due to COVID19, everything are closed and don’t know where to seek help?

March 23, 2020 — COVID19 or commonly known as coronavirus has become a pandemic affecting every country worldwide, increasing infection and death rates daily and caused panic and fear amongst most people. It has also increase the anxiety in the population. As I am looking at the psychological therapy solutions that I can safely offer, I come across with an advice from Prof. Peter Openshaw, professor of experimental medicine, Imperial College London. According to Prof. Openshaw, online access to therapies and coaching is the best way to help during this crisis.

I am a certified life coach who has considerable experience in online coaching. Offering online coaching right now as a possible solution is a responsible thing to do. Due to less knowledge about the Coronavirus, a public concern about it and the safe contact has rapidly increased. As a registered nurse who faced patients that carried different viruses, I will keep abreast of the facts. I also work regularly with people experiencing elevated anxiety. There is a stress-management coaching and other coaching available on my website to help you cope up in this difficult time. Online coaching is my preferred coaching method because it will enable you to open up in a place where you are comfortable.

However, we are currently living in probably the most challenging time of the majority, the current environment is influencing current decisions and mental health professionals will come under pressure. It will impacts one way or another, a model of attraction called biopsychosocial.
I want to further add that COVID19 had already taken many things away from us, our freedom to feel the breeze outside, to hug each other, and some lives of infected people. COVID19 brought this world to a stage of panic and anxiety and as soon as we do what we can do to reduce the fear and anxiety this virus has brought to our world, we will certainly win!

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Together, we are making a change for the better…

Due to the anxiety, fear and panic that COVID19 has brought worldwide, I am giving your first session as FREE, in hopes of helping you to go through this difficult times.

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