What is Coaching?

What Are The Differences of Coaching From Other One- On-One Talks?

What Is the Difference Between Coaching, Counseling, Mentoring, and Consulting?

Many people are being confused about the differences between, coaching, counseling, mentoring and consulting which makes them more confused as to which one are best for their needs. Well let me get these confusions straight. 

Coaching enables clients to have a partnering relationship with their coaches and contains creative processes that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential to eventually be enlightened and unlock their fullest potential. A coach is an expert at coaching but not necessarily the subject matter on the client’s topic of interest. They will offer ideas, solutions, options, and/or advice to their clients to aid their topic of interest. 

Counseling are for people with emotional problems, their past or their dysfunction and these counsellors are trained to diagnose and help these clients on the other hand, coach’s role is to assist clients to achieve what they want in the present and near future. They uses more strength-based approaches with less analysis of the past and more focusing on present. 

A mentor is a guide, advisor and subject matter expert who shares their wisdom and knowledge through their experiences while bringing the mentee up the ranks. Mentors are also using coaching approaches to their clients for them to help them more into guiding and supporting their mentees.

A consultant is an expert called on professional or technical advice. They understand the problem and present solutions. While consulting is different from coaching, in the last few years, these distinctions are becoming blurred. Consultants are guiding their clients usually in a major change when they use a more facilitative style and a less expert-based. 

In the end, these experts are there to help you achieve your current and future goals, unlock your fullest potential, and finally change your lives for the better. Coaches, mentors, consultants and counsellors chose a career to help others to be their best self and guide them through the right path. We hope that this will clear out the confusion that surrounds these careers and help you choose the right expert for your personal need.

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