Lockdown Anxiety, What To Do?!


What To Do In This Time Of Crisis?!

March 26, 2020 — Most countries that are hit by the COVID19 also known as coronavirus pandemic are now implementing lockdowns. The effort to address COVID19 is both extremely important for us all and it continues to pose as one of the biggest challenges of 2020 on multiple individuals and families all around the world as they respond to the demands of the situation. 
In California, there are 2570 confirmed cases and 40 deaths. Everyone is full of fear and anxiety due to this report. 
Being updated and informed about this virus are necessary to all of us to take immediate action to limit the spread of infection however, the amount of information can increase stress and anxiety. 

Here are the signs of stress:

  • Increase or decrease in energy and activities
  • Increase in use of alcohol and nicotine, and illicit substances
  • Irritability, anger, outbursts, frequent arguing
  • Trouble relaxing or sleeping
  • Crying frequently 
  • Worrying excessively 
  • Isolation and withdrawal 
  • Blaming other people for everything 
  • Difficulty communicating 
  • Inability to feel pleasure and have fun 
  • Stomachaches and diarrhea
  • Headaches and other pains
  • Changes in appetite
  • Sweating or having chills
  • Tremors or muscle twitches
  • Easily getting tires
  • Being anxious and fearful
  • Feeling depressed
  • Feeling guilty
  • Feeling angry
  • Feeling euphoric, heroic or vulnerable
  • Not caring about anything
  • Feeling overwhelmed by sadness
  • Trouble remembering things
  • Feeling confused
  • Poor concentration 
  • Indecisiveness

These signs of stress are normal but it is important for us to manage our stress and anxiety. I have listed some important things that could help you manage your stress and anxiety amidst this crisis. 

1. Seek Credible Information

There are so many articles and blogs that are publishing “information” about this virus but you need to find the most credible and trustworthy sites. Find people and resources for accurate information to save yourself from fake news and to learn how to protect yourself and your family from the virus.

2. Assess Your Personal Risk

Assess yourself if you have the symptoms of the virus provided by the CDC and WHO. An early diagnosis can help you and your family from developing the severe and aggressive phase of the virus. You need to assess your stress and mental health too, as it will provide you more information on to what you should do to feel better especially during this crisis. 

3. Find Balance

Being updated is important but know when to take a breather. Set a limit to how much time you want to spend reading and monitoring news about the outbreak.

4. Bring an Intentional Mindset to Unplugging

When you’re forced to be at home, instead of spending your whole day into watching TikTok videos, do something fun instead. Something that would engage your body to move and relax (meditating, stretching, reading, learning new hobbies). Do the Kung Fu martial arts you’ve always wanted to try since you’ve watched Karate Kid or do the viral TikTok dance made by Charlie D’Amelio. Fun things to finally reset your mind and find balance and inner peace. 

5. Deal with Problems in a Structured Way

Prioritize things that need to be done and left aside the things that can wait. Manage your worries by focusing on the things that you can control instead of wasting your energy at something you can’t control or manage. 

6. Remember that You are Resilient and Careful with “What Ifs” 

During this time of crisis, be mindful of your negative thoughts which can bring you only no good. Instead, focus on resiliency like past situations that you are able to manage and cope, reminding yourself that you have friends and family to help you, and not underestimating the things you can do in challenging situations. 

7. Challenge Worries and anxious Thoughts

Do you remember what Super Bob said to Will about the nightmares he’s having? Super Bob said that if you want a nightmare to go away, you need to face it and tell it straight to its face to go away. Well, we can’t deny that coronavirus is a NIGHTMARE and probably the worst part of 2020 but if we can’t control what’s happening on the outside world, we can control what’s happening inside our heads. Challenge you worries and anxious thoughts by finding your inner peace through facing it. Acknowledging that you are having these negative thoughts is the first step. The second step is to know Why you’re having these thoughts? Where is it coming from? What is the main source? And the last step is to terminate that source

8. Seek Support and Be Kind to Yourself

Social distancing doesn’t mean losing contact with someone, keep in touch with your family and friends, talk about your feelings and listen to how they are feeling as well, take breaks, focus on positive points in your life, gratitude list. No man is an island especially in this time. 

9. Eat Healthily

Good foods are not for you to just be in shape and shred those pounds that you gained from Christmas but it is also for a good mental and emotional health. In today’s world, supermarkets are full of processed, easy to cook, msg made foods that keeps you from achieving your full potential but due to this crisis, people are forced to take a step back and see what they’re letting into their system. Healthy foods are a must especially this time of crisis. 

10. Avoid Substance Use Including Alcohol, Cigarettes and Illicit Drugs

I know that most of you are doing all of those substances occasionally but I will tell you that those things can only bring you imbalance, an imbalance in your body, mental and emotional health. This time of crisis, you need to enhance your immune system by taking vitamins in substitute for illicit drugs, drinking fresh smoothies instead of alcohol, and doing exercise or yoga/meditation instead of cigarettes. You’ll thank me later. 

11. Get Proper Rest and Sleep

Anxiety and fear can totally hijack our rest and sleep. It’s inevitable but, if you do the things I stated above, it will definitely bring you some peace of mind and some good sleep. After all, lockdowns are a huge opportunity to give yourself the best sleep ever!

12. Stay Active!!!

Do exercise, yoga, meditation, reading, the list goes on because you have all the time in the world right now. Do something you’ve always wanted to try!! If not now, when?! 

In the end, we are all hoping that this pandemic will end as soon as possible to we could enjoy the privilege of playing outside, listening to the birds chirp and a healthy environment that we had before. Let’s make this time to be a better person for our family, friends and to everyone who got a chance to meet us. Spread love and kindness which will help this crisis much more bearable to all of us.

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