How Clutters Affect Your Mental Health?

Your Life: Unfinished Business

Chapter 2

According to numerous scientific studies, clutters are often the main symptoms of stress and would also cause it. There’s no doubt that excessive clutter can affect every aspect of your life. From the time it takes you to complete a task to the state of your relationships, your overall well-being and quality of life are greatly affected by your environment. 

The state of your room or your environment greatly affects your day-to-day activities. If the room has excessive clutters, it would weigh you down both physically and mentally. These clutters do you no good and invite chaos and unorganized thoughts in your life and your home. To be able to attain certain peace of mind and soul, you should declutter your home however, this isn’t an easy task if you don’t know where to start. 

In handling these kinds of mess, you must look at it as a series of small tasks rather than one huge task that will take more than a day. A one massive task that would eat up your whole day would definitely leave you exhausted and stressed thus, it is better to perform this task as small tasks at a time. You can do this by setting aside one hour per day where you’re feeling the most energized or before doing any of your works. In this way, it’ll give you a clean and great space to perform your daily tasks. 

Another way to declutter your home is to simplify its design. Turning your home to a clean, tidy haven will help your mind concentrate to your daily tasks and it won’t add stress and anxiety to your mind and mood. Begin cleaning and sorting anything on the floors, to give way to the things that are important and also to make that room seem bigger than it actually is. You can maximize your furniture by buying an important part of that room with a built-in storage or also known as smart-storage. Now that you have cleared the floor with unnecessary things, you can now move to flat surfaces such as, counter tops or tops of shelves. The areas mentioned are susceptible to clutters as people mindlessly place things on these areas.

After you collected the things you have found sitting on these areas, you now need to sort them to know what’s important and what you don’t need anymore. You can make a system to simplify this task by setting a place for “Keep pile”, “Trash pile”, and “Donate pile”. In this way, you are organizing the things you need, the things you definitely don’t need and the things that are profitable. After doing this small change to your life, you will ne surprised at how much faster you work and the amount of ideas flow through your brain and the feel of ease while doing your everyday tasks.

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